4 February 2016

My digital classroom

Today I was to write about genuine people but my phone beeped again . It was a message from my old school friend in India . The message said our school is one of the largest government school declared and it's going to have digital class rooms and she sent me a link as well .
When I got this I was actually sitting in the bed with coffee. The excitement and happiness that I felt when I saw that video is un imaginable .
Days has passed by but that two years in a government school has given me so much . It was nice to see my school again, The main entrance (Fatima gate) the buildings , assembly ground ,the students with different color uniforms .... What a day it is !

Really happy about this ...
I have studied in five different states and five different schools . Hence I have a mixed variety of friends from different countries ,state ,language so on .But this government school has given me lots of good friends and good times ! This is the only govt school that I studied in .

The great Govt. Moyan model girls higher secondary school (Palakkad,Kerela)

I am really feeling blessed !
You got to study in a government school to know how it feels . It's entirely different from a normal private,international and many other schools.

#The school which owns higher number of students in the state#
#The first school to have digital class room#

Watch the video below . I understand that many wont know the Malayalam language but I couldn't find one in English . Apologies !!


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    1. Hopefully . I am not sure about India but the palakkad town is shining for now and my school is going to reach heights !!

  2. Mast.... Shafi Parambil was also seen in the video.. 😆


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