26 February 2016

Hopes !

When ever I stand in my balcony I see a guy walking in our street with many flower pots for sale. I have seen the opposite flat Aunty buying many flower pots from him . I don't know anything about her. I just see her from the balcony while walking with the coffee cup. 
So last time when I went india for vacation I thought of buying few flower pots from him. I got three pots a pink rose, marigold and jasmine which has two layers. I watered it until I was there. Everyday I used to check whether new leaves have come , is there a small bud and I also used to cut off the dried leaves and stems so that it will grow well. I water it twice a day .I got few packets of manures as well .One black packet and a white one . You have to mix the white and black manure together and add it to the soil. I left india doing all these and today it's bloomed . This morning I received a pic of it . I felt so beautiful and it was a lively day .

    ••When a flower blooms so does hopes••


  1. It is very exciting when you have been waiting for a plant to bloom for the first time, and then the day comes.

    1. True .. Thanks for stopping in my page . Take care


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