14 June 2016

Beauty !

There are always few myths on hair growth .
1. Does hair grow faster in summer ?
2. Does waxing reduce the thickness of hair growth ?
3. Does cutting hair help in hair growing faster ?
4. Does shaving cause harder hairs to grow ?

I personally believe hair grows faster in summer , waxing helps in reducing the thickness of hair and cutting your hair frequently doesn't help in having better hair .

I follow :

1. Wash my hair everyday
2. Won't comb my hair when it is wet
3. I don't use a dryer because it makes my hair rough
4. I don't put oil after hair wash because I get headache and I don't like oils from my childhood .
5. I comb my hair before sleep and once I wake up

P.S - I eat so much of fruits and vegetables . I run for two hours everyday .

What do you guys follow ?

Share your views . I would be exited to read because I love beautiful hair !


  1. I'm sorry to say that my hair has thinned with age, presumably due to all the chemicals to curl and color it since the 1980's (I'm admitting my age here. ~sigh~). But I finally took my stylist's advice and stopped washing every single day. That seems to have slowed split ends, for sure. Since the local swimming pool uses tons of chlorine, I go when shampooing is planned and also wet my hair and put conditioner on beforehand to help protect it.

    Be well!

    1. Though you are old I guess you are beautiful . Thank you for taking time and posting your view . Take care


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