5 June 2016

What was the most difficult?

I guess most of you have a linked account .Can also be called the job hunt website .
People who have a job are on the safer side . They can have a proper tag line . There are many job seekers in this world including me .
I find so many tag lines like looking for an opportunity, better prospects, looking out for a job, available. I have never got impressed with these tag lines .

With 8 years of experience across the industry I decided to look out for better jobs . Having a tag line was the most difficult task . You got to impress employers as well as stay unique . If not , you will be one among the bunch , which I hate .

Atlast I ended up with a unique tag line !!

Feeling happy !

Have you gone through the same phase ?? What was the most difficult phase while searching for a job? Was it going out in the sun or preparing an impressive resume ??


  1. Feeling Happy is a nice one. Eye catching. When I started to look for a job here in USA after my studies, I had a particular $ figure in my mind. I was determined not to accept anything less than that. One company offered just $5 less than my “goal”. I refused their offer. And, finally took a job that offered me much more than my “goal”.

    Interview in that job was a funny one. I went to the final round. The lady executive who interviewed me asked if I have supervisory experience. I said “yes”. (I thought, if asked, I could tell supervising the servants in our village home.) But she asked “Have you supervised Americans”. My immediate reaction was to say no. But I held back. Thought about it for 10 seconds. For her it looked like 10 hours. And then I replied: Why are you asking me this question? Are the American employees very difficult to supervise? She leaned back in her chair. Laughed and laughed and laughed. And said: You are hired.

    1. Let me thank you for taking time and typing a comment ! Lovely .
      At times yea that's how it works ! I am still waiting for a better job . Let's see how it goes . But one thing I realized is people don't understand the value of an ex Google employee. UAE is an entirely different thing ! I have a list of companies in head only if I get there I will . Wish I was in the US :)

  2. I thought there is a Google office in Dubai. Am I wrong? Wish you are with Google here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I can invite myself as your guest for lunch in their cafeteria. HeHeHe.

    1. I was with Google ! Let's see hopefully should be somewhere around in the world .. Let me try my best at Dubai for few years .


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