5 June 2016

Love counts !

The board exam results were published few weeks ago in India . Got to watch a talk show yesterday in the television . Most of the students were toppers of the state .
All the private school students were on one side and government schools students on the other side .
There were so many things they spoke , it was a two hour show .
What I found interesting and heart touching was when the anchor asked how did you celebrate your marks ? What gifts did you receive for scoring good marks ?

The private school students were all gifted a smart phone , gold chain , eating, two wheeler what not ? The most irritating for me was the bmw car .

The government school students were all so sweet , their celebration was distributing a sweet box and eating a grilled chicken in the hotel . How sweet is that . They also had their neighbors who bought them gifts, their teachers who bought them some books as gifts .I just loved the way they celebrated .

I understand that it differs . But I always believe it's not about money it's all about near and dear ones

Even a tight kiss from your parents are enough !!!


  1. exactly and well said.. Even I did the same.. Distributing sweets.. Good old days never back..:-(

    1. Thank you ! What's good in life that eating a sweet !

  2. I think you are going to be irritated at us. On graduating from high school, We bought a Volkswagen for our son and a Honda for our daughter. But two caveats. It is in USA and not in India. It is not a BMW. Oh yes, these cars came after our affectionate tight kiss.

    1. Ha ha never ! ! I do understand everybody has love within . It differs . Lucky kids !!!:)


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