2 June 2016

Eating a tongue ???

I never knew cooking before getting married.After I got married I realised my husband loves food and I love him :) hence learnt cooking with the help of watching cookery shows, and you tube for everything .

Myself, being a vegetarian love  watching  all kind of cookery shows .
Today in food network channel , I saw a show named chopped . It's all about four contestants and they  have 3 rounds . In each round each person would be chopped (eliminated)

In the first round , they were given the beef tongue . I was shocked looking at it , I thought it would be a piece of flesh cut in the shape of a tongue . I did a Google search immediately and got to know it is the cow tongue !!!! Do people eat the tongue of a cow ??? Can't even imagine. 

Chicken and fish still manageable but a cow tongue !!! 

Has anybody of you ate it ? How does it taste ? 

Post in your views . 


  1. I have read somewhere that the favorite snack for Sir C. P. Ramaswamy Iyer was a bajji made out of cow's tongue.


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