29 June 2016

Leap of faith !

This is for everybody who is weak now
For all who doesn't believe things will fall in place
For all who thinks it will never happen
For all who thinks you will never get through
For all who thinks can I ever do it ?
For all who is waiting for that day

Whatever it is
It will happen one day
Keep trying though you fail many times .
Failing doesn't matter if it's going to
Happen one day
You can get through whatever is happening now
You will get all the faith back
And you can go through
You can  pass

And Atlast it will all fall in place
By this time you will be the strongest

And when things happen you will be numb

The only thing you can do is sit with a tear in eyes which doesn't even roll out of your eye !

You will never believe it happened !

But ,

It will , trust me!!!

Wait for the day and blindly take a leap in your life !


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