8 June 2016


So let me write something about people today.
It's very difficult to predict how a person is .People like me get to know easily but few get hurt and learn.

Pointing few of my observations .

1. People who think what they say is correct . They try to force their ideas on you . These kind of people would have done some help for you some day and they want your life to be as they decide . For me , you have to stop talking to these people immediately and come out of their relationship . Never go at back of them at any cost .

2. People would have helped you at some point of your life . They tell to everybody that because of them only you are alive . These kind of people are also of no use . If you have the patience to deal say ok it's because of you I am alive :) and move on or else fight for your point .

3. There are few who talk very well to you , the sugar or honey coated talks , never believe them . They will dip your life in hot sauce .

4. These people help you and never tell others what they did for you . They just help you grow and let you live your life . These are the best kind of people and it's rare that you see them . If you have someone like this in your life cherish them .

5. There are few who just wish good for you being far away . They talk well when you meet them and leave the rest there are move forward . These kind of people are 1 in a million . Cherish them .

If you have met any other variety :)post in here so that I will also get to know they exist :)


  1. Each person is different from another in their own way... Well written... You have observed a lot I say... Wondering in which category I would fall!

  2. Very well written. Good points. One Item Number 1, what if that person happens to be a close relative? We cannot stop talking and we cannot come out of the relationship.

    1. Thank you . Ya for me if its a relative I will be more careful . So I maintain the point number 1 . I don't mind stop talking to people than getting hurt myself . Probably if you are not able to come out of the relationship we can maintain by saying - my dear relative , you are the living God whatever you say is absolutely correct and move on . That's all the number 1 people want . I am not going to loose anything by praising them . Lol :) this is Wat I do

  3. Very interesting post i can relate to each one.


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