12 June 2016

Stay good

I am writing this out of my own experience . We normally think our younger ones or our kids will understand us . Yes , they do but not all times . These days kids are not like us . They get hurt very soon . They are very sensitive .
When you talk to them you can't find it out but actually they can't even take a single harsh word .

Experiences differ , I am writing few of my views here

Few things that I never do .

1. Never talk to them about money .
2. Don't tell them when I get time I will come and see you
3. Never ask them too much of questions as our parents did to us . Few kids tell you everything few don't but they keep it good .
4. Never tell them your friend is bad .
5. Please don't tell , understand the difficulty of us and behave .

Few things that I do

1. I say your friends are awesome and enquire about them
2. I ask what you want and send pictures via what's app so that they select and buy it for them
3. I always say will I ever leave you like that ?
4. I always wish them good morning , good evening and good night though it seems to be silly and many times I don't get a reply .
5. I never blame or talk bad about others because that will create a negative impression on me . They will know it one day
6. Always ask what did you eat ?
7. I never expect them to ask me how is my life ?
8. Whenever I see them I buy gifts for them.
9. Most of all I never say ,when I have money will buy for you
10. Whenever I talk to them I talk only good things .

These are few things I could pen down for now . There are many .

For me I don't mind what I go through . End of the day I want my dear ones to be happy . It doesn't mean I am older hence I am always correct .
There is no wrong if you  adjust for your loved ones . After all they are yours .
They too will get old one day !
They will definitely know what you went through ! You need not say .


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