6 June 2016

Unfinished beauty

As I always say painting is a relationship with colors.I love painting and I don't do it often . But I always have the boards and paints in stock .

The most beautiful memory that I have of my painting is when I went for a wedding ! I gifted my friend a big frame . But his dad dint believe it's a frame ! He said I know it's a painting of yours ! I think by now he would have opened it and knew it's not a painting and it's a frame .

Anyhow , planning to gift him a painting of  mine on my next vacation .

When I paint I always take pictures of how it goes . At some point if I feel it looks beautiful half way . I stop it there .

Thought of posting few of the unfinished paintings of mine !

I find some meaning and beauty in it ? Do you ?


  1. Lovely dear. Both your writings and paintings have that unfinished touch that adds more meaning to it.

  2. Great effort and work, thanks for sharing and greetings!

  3. Beautiful. Doesn't look like unfinished to me.

    1. Thank you! But it was actually taken when I felt unfinished . You can find the finished version of it in any of my 2015 before June posts . Yesterday I was looking into the unfinished art of mine and posted these .

  4. You have beautiful paintings omg :)


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