10 June 2016

Inner self

"Silence is golden "

Silence is golden only when your inner self  is also silent . 

This is what I learnt today from an elderly uncle . It was an advice to me through a phone call .

Only by being silent you can change yourself and the inner self can be in peace . Only if the inner self is silent you can lead a stress less life . What a great advice it is !!!

At times you need people to advice you . It boosts you a lot and you can start your day fresh . So I have taken up this advice and I am in search of the inner peace !

Silence can change the world !! 


  1. Sometimes our silence speaks more than a thousand words and can help us think many thoughts.

  2. This is indeed food for thought thank u babe :*

  3. Good advice. At the same time, if you are silent people think you are an idiot and don't know anything.


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