4 June 2016

No to ego!

Yesterday while going through Internet I got to see this wallpaper .
It was so real and wonderful . Isn't it ?
We all have a big family with so many cousins but still because of someone many relationships are lost . You never know each other , you never see , you never talk , you never smile . But that's how few things are . Can't be changed .
If you can really change your mind and feel you need all then, try to be good . You always need people . That's called family ! Leave your ego , you have so many brothers and sisters .
Love life and live happy ! That's all that you need ...


  1. Very nice.. I have experienced that..

    1. Not only you many are going thru this phase . I really feel bad about it and that's why I posted this . Thanks for you comment . Love your near and dear ones

    2. How u come up with that, it's amazing

    3. Because many of the relatives are like that :)own experience

  2. Those are some great words of advice.


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