11 June 2016


' If someone is crying or sad about something please don't go and ask what happened ? Why why why ! And make them cry more '

A person who is sad will have millions of reasons . In a single why they can't answer you or can explain what they feel . Simple as that . Don't try to squeeze the answers you want from them . If you ever do this there is no point you being alive .

If you are ever asking them why you seem to be dull ? Why are you upset ? There is nobody else who can hurt them more than you .

If they let you know the reason that's great or else don't do a questionnaire session with them .

Leave them alone ! That's all they need
They are normal ! After all we are all humans . Don't find happiness in others tears .

P.S - I don't cry , doctors have doubted whether I have tear glands :)) 


  1. I agree with you that we should not nag a sad person or a crying person for answers to our questions. But isn’t it kind of a little harsh when you write “If you ever do this there is no point you being alive.”

    1. Sorry if it seems to be harsh . But that's what I personally feel . No use being a human. It's like pouring oil in the burning house !


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