19 June 2016

Tomato chutney

Last evening I was not well , hence thought of making an easy chutney so that can manage it with idly or dosa(south dishes) .

I took two washed tomatoes . Sliced it to cubes .

Kept oil in pan to heat,added the tomatoes and curry leaves to it . Then I added some mustard seeds, half table spoon of turmeric powder, salt for taste and one spoon of chili powder. Kept stirring until it became a thick paste .

Tomato chutney ready !

There are different ways of preparing it but this is the easiest and tastiest one !!

Try if interested .

Posting a pic of tomato chutney with idly !!

Many of my north Indian and friends from Toronto , U.S , London , Mexico , Kenya like this idly and dosa !

I actually don't like it much , I love salads !! Ha ha


  1. That looks truly delicious. And would go well with so many foods. Thank you.

  2. This tomato chutney looks delicious! My wife and I are harvesting 3 tomato plants we planted in the Spring, so I'll have to make some chutney this week. Blessings!

    1. That's great ! Happy that u r going to make this chutney ! It will be tasty . Try and let me know how it came .

  3. Yummy. Now it is morning breakfast time here in California. After reading this, I am hungry now.

    1. Lol :) it's coffee time here ! Evening . Anyhow I am happy that my tomato chutney is doing some good :)

  4. I've never had this, but I love tomatoes so I think I would like it!


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