21 June 2016

Keiko and Fishy 🐳🌊

How many of you know Keiko? The Free willy movie hero !

I remember drawing pictures of keiko when I was a kid .I am still a super fan of keiko. Wish keiko was alive .I would have definitely visited him and taken a selfie :)

I always love fishes, elephants , Dolphins and whales ! 

I remember , I had an aquarium at home with so many colorful fishes.We had a well in our farm, but the fishes in it were not colorful but bigger ones .I remember going to the river and swimming . I used to play with the fishes . I never catch or hurt them . I feed them with bread, rice, or whatever I had .I have caught so many tadpoles in a bisleri bottle ;) but later free them off in the river itself .

Here in Dubai I have an aquarium too . Nearly 70 fishes . I just love watching them . Before I have dinner I feed them .Few black mole and guppy fishes are pregnant .Would be posting their pics soon .

I always wanted to live in the water , swim, dive and look beautiful !

I read so many books on seagull, Dolphins , whales and shark . The documentary of keiko is one of my favorite . Whenever I watch ,I get Tears . How beautiful keiko is ? That black shiny skin with glitters ,those beautiful fins ,small Teeths,pink tongue and the huge tail ! 

They could have left him in the wild sea itself . He would have been more happier and healthier and lived few more years ! ! 

Posting the documentary of keiko for you all <3 .You will definitely love keiko !! 

You never know how much I love them . I even bought a fishy few years ago . I still sleep beside fishy at night . Wherever I go I take fishy with me ! I have a bag in which I pack fishy while I travel .Collecting fish and whale pendants are one of my hobbies ! 

Posting a pic of my fishy as well . Hope you would love my fishy too <3


  1. I adore fish, too! I wish my health would have been better as a young person. My dream job would have been some sort of marine biologist. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you ! Take care .. My brother did his marine . I guess he would be lucky enough to be in the sea and go with adventures . Should hear some interesting things from him from December . Would have lots to share , guess u will enjoy

  2. I remember the Free Willy movie. I liked it a lot. Your Fishy is cute. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I hope you have a nice day!

    1. Thank you Connie ! Fishy loves you too :)

  3. Haha! Strange are the wishes of people.While you love fish,whale,dolphin and such like aquatic species,some love watching birds in sanctuaries during migration and some go to wild life parks to savour the sight of wild ones at close quarters.I am not comfortable even with pets at home!
    I liked your writing skill.

    1. Ha ha thank you ! I always get dreams like a fish :) lol killer whales wow !! I love birds , planning to buy love birds but I don't like that ki ki noise . The only pet I hate is cats . Anything other than that I can manage . I find cats the most selfish . Don't know why

  4. Thanks for luring me into your world of slip and fly and looks like I am flying with you and swimming with your fish friends...I do admire dolphins and whales and fascinated by them.
    Shilpa, nowadays I am blogging more on the wordpress platform, so please care to read mine at http://www.adsunsri.wordpress.com
    The blogspot posts have become few and far in between..http://www.specs-buffy.blogspot.com

  5. I barely remember the story now, but I did love the movie when I was kid! I love watching fishes, too. Your fishy is very cute. I have a few stuffed fishes, too :-)

  6. I adore fish too...I have two, Nemo and Spot, who are regarded as members of the family! Well, we are rather a crazy family.;)
    I remember the Free Willy movie too. It was brilliant.
    Love your Fishy too...has inspired me to buy one of my own. I already have china fish all around my lounge!! *smiles*

    Thank you for your visit to my blog, and for your kind comment. It truly means so much...:))


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